NICE, not Naughty Children Pray for Miracles

Ashtyn rebukes the storm. On a rainy afternoon Ashtyn, then eight years old talked under the gazebo on the patio of my house. I like to tell Ash about the reality of the LORD. As it was raining, there came a sudden thunder, and he began to be afraid, so I started telling him about Jesus and the storm. The disciples of Jesus Christ were traveling in a boat when a storm suddenly came up on the waves. They were very afraid because the boat was tossed heavily.

Mark 4:37-39 And there arose a great storm of wind,
and the waves beat into the ship,
so that it was now full.
And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow:
and they awake him, and say unto him,
Master, carest thou not that we perish?
And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea,
Peace, be still.
And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

I explained how the LORD used me to rebuke a couple of storms before. “Really”, he said. “Yes,” I replied. “Once he had me pray for a friend that was in danger out of town”. When she came back she said to me, “We were at my niece’s graduation, and suddenly we heard this loud whoosh and sound of a freight train. Everyone looked, and a tornado had touched down in the stadium. We all started running. Then”, she said,”as quickly as it came, it suddenly left.” I told her that the LORD had me pray for her safety, and we thanked the LORD for performing it.
Next, there was to be really bad flooding in our area. The LORD spoke to me and said, “when you rebuke it, it will cease”. That next day it starting flooding all over the place, and especially in our front yard. My husband asked me when I was going to pray. I said, “I like to storm, I want to wait awhile”. He returned to his computer. As the water was edging to the front door, he came again…”when are you going to pray?” I said reluctantly, “Okay”. I stated firmly, “I rebuke this storm and flooding in the name of Jesus!” We watched. The storm stopped in less than a minute.
I told Ashtyn, “Jesus is a powerful name, and if you pray in the name of Jesus, He will hear you”. “He will”, he said. “Yes, but you don’t have to be afraid, it not a bad storm.” “I don’t care” he said, “I’m praying”. He began to pray, while I shouted Nooooooo. It was too late, and almost as soon as he finished praying, the rain began to slowly stop and the clouds moved away.
Thank you Jesus! What a great miracle for such a young man, but I wanted the rain.

Dahnaelle starts the car. Dahnaelle was only just a little bit taller than the hood of a car when Daniel’s car was would not start. He had been working on it for a long time. He finally got frustrated and came in the house because the car just wouldn’t start. He was so irritated as Dahnaelle stared at him as he told me that the car wouldn’t start. She was ready to go, as children often are. He told Danielle, why you don’t go out there and pray for it. She was probably around five years old. We all were ready to go and enjoy our Saturday. We stood there and watched as this little-bitty tiny girl, then walks outside, goes up to the car, and lays both her hands on it. She begins to whisper a prayer and then says, “IN JESUS NAME”! Next we hear her say; “it’s ready!” We looked at each other amused and a bit surprised at her boldness. He goes out of the house, and opens the car door and he sticks the key in the ignition. It starts right up. Surprised and thankful, we both complimented her of her faith, and thanked the lord for hearing the faith and prayer of a child. We were both pleasingly shocked.

Laurence, God’s healer. I had planted some wild flowers in my backyard. They came up very beautifully and quickly. But, to my dismay I found out that my husband was sneezing a lot more and coughing and have a runny nose and a terrible time. Every time he went past the flowers he would be sneezing and really suffering so I decided to pull them all up, even though they were very beautiful and they had grown bountifully. I went outside and begin the pull all of flowers up with my bare hands. I didn’t think to use gloves because I never had any problem before with allergies.
This time, however, I found that later on the palms of my hands turned very red. I washed them to try to get any sap off of them but it didn’t work. My hands turn very red and very warm. Once Daniel had been told to use tide for poison ivy, and it worked well, so I used it, nothing. The pain got worse and worse, and nothing I tried worked. I just had to suffer. I couldn’t do anything around the house because my hands are so sensitive and so painful I couldn’t even clap them. I prayed for my hands over and over and my husband prayed for them but I didn’t get any relief. I looked at one of my nephews. I think he was about 12 or 13 at that time and a very sweet young man. I told him, come over here and pray for your aunt’s hands. He looked surprised and nervous. I said young people have faith and I need you to come over here right now and pray for my hands. Reluctantly he came.
I told him to put my hands in both of his hands and he started praying the way he has seen those us pray many times before. It wasn’t elaborate, it was just something like; Lord please touch Aunt Deborah’s hands in the name of Jesus. I thanked him and to my joy, very shortly the pain left and so did all the redness by the next day.
I had no more problems with my hands. I was able to use them though I had a tiny bit of sensitivity in them for a short time. I just want to thank the Lord for his miracles even done through children. I want to thank the Lord that he used my nephew to pray for my hands and receive the miracle because they need to understand that they have power too.


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