Santa vs. Jesus, it’s not What You Think.

Sitting on the sofa with my husband doing something that I don’t think I’ve ever done which is watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade that Macy’s puts on each year. It was actually pretty good and I actually enjoyed it. But as this happiness went by and the singers and the bands and all this thankfulness they begin to talk about the grand finale. And who was the special honor going to for being the guest of honor of this parade. The people watching begin to scream and shout loudly and reveling because a special guest of honor was coming at the end of this long parade. Then as we waited and everyone cheered we saw this special guest of honor riding in a beautiful sleigh. Who should it be but Santa Claus. I don’t know why but I knew He was going to be the Guest of Honor. I was expecting it, but it made me feel so sad inside. Jesus did so much for world by his love, teaching and sacrifice, and they had SANTA CLAUS, as the guest of honor.
The word Christmas means a celebration for Christ or a Mass for Christ and that was the thing that was supposed to be coming up next after the time of Thanksgiving. I just sometimes feel so very frustrated because they constantly want to wash Jesus out of the things that exalt Him. As I began to complain to my husband about the situation I felt the presence of the LORD maybe because in my silly way somehow it honored him. I wanted him to be the one who was celebrated, the one who was forthcoming as the one who deserved the praise in the order. It was him. It wasn’t the fat jolly old elf. But as a feeling of a shimmer came closer, these thoughts about Santa Claus began to reign in my mind.
They say that Santa knows everything, he rewards for good deeds and you get no reward for being bad EXCEPT A LUMP OF COAL or darkness. What is coal, it is a fire starter or maintainer. That strangely sounded like something I was familiar with. Then funny thoughts begin to rain over me like twinkling stars and that was that the Lord is the only one who knows who is good and who is not. He is the one at the end, that is going to pass that judgment and reward those who are good so to speak. I thought about how that Santa this creature enters into the home through a fireplace that’s kind of strange.
There is something else strange about Santa Claus. That is that the word Santa means Saint or Holy (one). Well that wasn’t strange that the word Santa meant saint but what is strang, words with an a at the end in languages like Spanish, possibly Latin and maybe even the Portuguese, don’t quote me on that part, but the word has a feminine connotation to it. That means that the name would be used for a woman or female. Isn’t that strange? The last part of the name, Claus is a word that means, “the peoples victory”. That sounds great but look at the other thing that you wouldn’t expect, the Bible said that the woman’s heel would crush Satan’s head. This in the first book of the Bible, or book of beginnings, God lets us know that for Adam and Eve, as well as our failures, a female would bring “the people’s victory”. Why would Santa be called a victory, over sin. for the people. Does that sound strange to you ? It seems like somebody’s been into their Bible and that someone was trying to put something together that people would not know immediately. Were they actually covertly celebrating Jesus Christ? because Jesus Christ is the woman’s heel or was made from a woman and would come as a “people’s victory, the one who would crush Satan’s head.
This scenario begin to play out even more as one thinks about how Santa will enter the house and from what vantage point. First center would be on high he landed on the roof or the top of the house. Could this be something like coming from on high or from heaven? Obviously Santa would be coming to spread joy and Goodwill. This would be as an act of love to those that he was coming too. Didn’t Jesus come in with joy and to bring good will to “his children? God so loved the world that he gave, right? Doesn’t Santa come in to give? Didn’t Jesus come in from on high riding in the womb ( as a sleigh so to speak) of a woman and hosted by pleasant creatures or deer? The deer was thought of with symbolic meanings through out the world. God is a God of symbolism to any that study the Bible.
In the Roman Christian imagination, which is more than likely where this whole idea of Santa Claus came from in the first place, “the deer is a symbol of piety, devotion and of God taking care of his children: men. The legend of Saint Eustace, for example, tells the story of the Roman general who, before becoming a saint, was out hunting and came across a magnificent and enormous deer. When Eustace looked at the animal’s eyes, the light of Christ shone out of them and the voice of God spoke to him through them. Placido, the Roman name for the saint, gave up hunting and became a Christian.” – Maria Gonzalez de Leon.
To Native Americans, who many of us are spawned from, the idea of a deer has even more pleasant, and feminine.
“For the native tribes of North America, the deer was a messenger, an animal of power, and a totem representing sensitivity, intuition and gentleness. “ – Maria Gonzalez de Leon.
Strangely enough the deer with the antlers which are “a crowning Glory,” or could even be Wings say me, is always a male because the antlers are particular to the male gender. But the deer is often thought of as feminine.
Isn’t it strange but when you think about it when Jesus came from on high down from Heaven to Earth he was Heralded of creatures with protruding extensions or wings, like antlers which “pointed to the heavens” . An Angel has no gender therefore to say that this male creature have feminine qualities wouldn’t matter. Even when the Lord created mankind his feminine quality was within him as One Singular being, and was later removed as a rib. Like the angels in heaven and the Spirit of the Lord, neither male nor female. So these creatures that bring Santa on his way could also be symbolizing angels from Heaven also had this quality of being neither male nor female. The angels brought the message of the Christ child being born here on the Earth? Reindeer brought Santa.
All right, so here is Santa Claus being brought and a sleigh by the deer, or like Jesus being brought “made of a woman “ sang the angels. So what’s the next thing, that would be once that Santa lands on the top of our house which is our physical being he goes through this process. Goes down the opening of a chimney into the place where there’s fire or burning. Such as being sacrificed on the cross of Calvary, he went behind the wall so that he could not be seen . and after he comes from behind the wall he jumps up and gives gifts to the children. he ascends and into the heavens and we will see him again next year.
Now Jesus comes from Heaven on high to the highest part of us which is the covering of our human spirit a heart Our house or physical vessel. Jesus then being crucified goes down into the ground or the Bible says into the Earth into a place of Fire, or hell. When Jesus gets into hell he brings Joy by taking the keys away from the enemy once he has done this the Bible says He arose or he stood back up and gave gifts two men. Now once Jesus gave us gifts like the Holy Ghost and washing away our sins then those things were given to those who were good and who repented or took care of their actions in this life ( if not you were granted to be in darkness as dark as a coal) then he went and arose from this Earth and ascended back into the heavens where he must be kept until the day and he is coming again. Okay I didn’t get to say this that that the word Holy Ghost or Shekinah glory of the Lord is written in Hebrew or Aramaic is in the feminine gender, Just the same as Santa is a feminine term. Jesus our savior born of a woman as it was prophesied at the beginning in the Book of Genesis.
Though the nature of sinners would be try to replace our Lord and savior from his own day someone made sure they would be duped instead .
Even in the clothes Santa wears is making a spiritual statement, a red suit with white trimming. Red for the sacrifice Jesus would make with his own blood and white for righteousness that it would buy for us . REVELATION 19:13 KJV “And he [was] clothed with a vesture dipped in blood. Luke 9:29 – And while He was praying, the appearance of His face became different, and His clothing became white and gleaming.
That’s not all he’s doing in the Book of Revelation, He also appears as an old man, or as white as wool as white as snow , the Ancient of Days. What does ancient mean? It means old. Jesus is appearing as an ancient man or the old man which is drawn as a white haired man with a white beard. So Claus means Victorious people who comes wearing red and white, as Jesus brings Victory to his people , wearing the blood of Jesus Christ and his righteousness that He applies to us. So why the old man, because the spirit of God is eternal which means it lives forever something that lives that long would have to be ancient . Jesus came with the spirit of the ancient living inside of him .
I think we need to shout and Praise Jesus because no matter what men are doing Jesus can be seen . The very best gifts he’s giving is salvation bought by his own blood and filling us with his holy spirit and baptized in his wonderful name. Jesus.
Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. 


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